Central to ziREjA’s work as a performance artist is an important dialogue about the consequences of the ‘human footprint’ on the planet, including the massive mountains of waste which we create. In many of her interventions she breaks down the barrier between artist and audience, asking viewers to consider humanity’s role as a passive spectator to the increasingly destructive effects of climate change. Much of her performance art theatre has been born out of collaborations with other artists, dancers and performers on an international stage. Her performance projects are an embodiment of art for social change.

La Pinocha

La Pinocha. Breathe in, breathe out. The body of a woman, stripped and reduced to the productive act throughout its entire spectrum, is transformed by its contact with nature, through a series of movement choreographies which range from the mechanic to the organic, not to mention the grotesque, all based on the idea of waste.


2018 Santa Cruz te quiero sucia, cara b Carnaval

Side "b" of Tenerife Carnival



Contemporary performing arts piece about the abuse and effects of new technologies on humans.


Inside the moskito net (performer)

Multidisciplinary and multicultural contemporary art project developed in Ghana, Holland, Japan and Spain managed by Maki Kawamoto, Yaw Nti and Kykekyeku.



Performance piece.. One mountain of waste, one body, the public.


Acción Experimental Street Laboratory

Scenic research of movement arts or performing arts in unconventional stages.


Trash comes back to the city

Urban artistic intervention. 6,500 kg of garbage in the center of the city.



Performance. Body, garbage, audience, shadows and a spotlight.


Carlota Mantecón

Collaboration as a dancer in "Cuerpos Expuestos", by Carlota Mantecón.


F.A.T. Festival Artes La Tabona

A room overflowed with waste elements. Artistic installation with garbage.Una habitación desbordada de residuos. Instalación artística con basura.


Sabotaje al Montaje

Collaboration of ephemeral art with the graffiti artist Matías from “Sabotaje al Montaje”

Como performer mi trabajo oscila entre la performance, las artes en movimiento, las intervenciones artísticas urbanas y piezas escénicas contemporáneas.
Mi eje principal: las consecuencias de nuestro paso por el planeta.
Investigo principalmente la generación masiva de residuos y la humanidad como espectadora.
Exploro el movimiento como generador de acción, la fuerza de lo visual.
Invito al público a convertirse en accionador y participar.