La Maga vestida

Research work on the traditional imagery of the Canary Islands in relation to the territory

This photographic series focuses on the iconography of tradition and gender. Figures are dressed in local folkloric costume, which acts as a symbol of the tradition of the island of Tenerife. It also idenitifes the subject with notions of femininity and the idea that the female is a caretaker of the island and nature. A waste mountain shows the landscape of an island, bordered by the sea.

It is borders such as this which ask the viewer to think about managing our trash to fit within limitations. Series such as this show ZiREjA using her art as a form of protest against our destructive treatment of the earth.


  • ziREjA: photographer, model and artistic direction.
  • Fidel Darias: model.
  • Fernando Jiménez: Support camera operator images Arico Environmental Complex.


Telephone: +34667625720